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JuiceBox Level 2 EVSE

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It’s great having my EVs the past four years. The last step was for my wife’s EV to be able to charge on off peak hours.

This next step required forethought. My last EVSE was under powered after one EV generation at 16 amps. This time I want to be prepared after these two leases are up. If we get a third gen EV with >100 miles after 2017, we’d sure need to charge it fast.

For this, we need Electric Motor Werks. Their open source EVSE is capable of 60 amps.

I want two to future proof our investments.



Looks like they’re only producing 40 amp versions now. Luckily I snagged an older model on eBay.

Left one 40 amps. Right one 60 amps.

Update 2

WiFi setup on either model is dubious. Pictures to follow.

Update 3

WiFi connection on newer model is up and running.


Written by devinserpa

March 1, 2015 at 8:20 am

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