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Pleasant Hill Upgrade Update 3

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Only two of the four stalls at Pleasant Hill theatre garage will be posted as EV only stalls, says Pleasant Hill City officials:

Devin, fyi, under the code you cited, the City is not required to designated these spaces for EV’s only but may do so. In the case of the Downtown Parking Garage, we will be designated two of the four spaces as EV only; the other two spaces may be used by all cars. All four spaces will also have  a 3-hour parking limit. Both spaces at City Hall will be EV only also with a 3-hr limit.

My response:

You’re right, without signage they are just parking stalls with optional EV charging.  Since they can only be called EV stalls if they are marked as such per CVC 22511.

My inquiry was to find out whether or not Pleasant Hill had plans to mark them, officially bringing the city wide (public) total to 6 marked EV stalls.

It’s very unfortunate only two will be marked at the garage. It’s good to know that City Hall will have two.

I’d like to thank Pleasant Hill City for the $0.2/kWh scheme as it detours unnecessary utilization.

FYI, Martinez has 6 newly marked EV stalls at one location, 9 total city wide. Brentwood has 9 marked EV stalls at City Hall alone.


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August 2, 2014 at 12:36 am

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