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112 MPGe Total System Economy

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Daily Miles

Daily kWh

My average daily commute taken on June 15th was 50.3 miles. That night a full charge was 14.97 kWh.

(50.3 mi) / (14.97 kWh) = 3.36 mi/kWh

So my car is getting approximately 3.36 miles per kWh used including charging losses. On Tier 1 with PG&E I’m paying $0.12/kWh.

(3.36 mi/kWh) / ($0.12/kWh) = 28 mi/$

I’m getting 28 miles per dollar total system economy with my Leaf.

(28 mi/$) * ($3.999/gal) = 111.97 MPGe

The Leaf gets 112 MPGe

This is based on ‘wall’ to wheel economy.


Written by devinserpa

June 16, 2011 at 2:02 pm

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